Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Updated Call to Artists

APOCALYPSE FOOD is looking for food items and contraptions. These entries can be functional and edible but do not have to be.

For this Exhibition we are looking for food items that discuss the possibilities of sustainability and shelf life while being creative with elements of design and structure. Contributors should have a curiosity in the manufacturing of food. We will accept any medium but encourage artists to work with food or closely related substances. After the show is taken down, these food items will be placed in a locked time chest for 20 years at the University of West Florida Art Department. The time chest will be buried in the ground. After a period of 10 years the food will be exhibited once again.

Most Art Exhibitions might have categories for entry such as sculpture, photography, painting, drawing. To give an idea of categories that might be in this show: well designed cans with odd food items inside, Contraption that somehow benefits mankind with food or liquid, a carefully designed entree, shrinkwrapping, pickeling, etc.

Please remember if possible a duplicate of your entry would be wonderful. One for showing opened at the exhibition and one for the time capsule. If possible include a shelf life with your entry. Entries do not have to functional or edible but indication as to whether they are would be nice.

Curator: Independent Curator.

Deadline: April 19th, 2010

Eligibility: Open to all Artists

Entry Procedure: Applications must be submitted by mail or hand delivered. Please include a brief artist’s statement and resume. Please include title, date, medium, dimension, price for each work submitted. Submit works to
Apocalypse Food
1717 N. 16th Ave
Pensacola FL 32503

ACCEPTED WORKS: All work must be received ready for installation, including any hardware needed. Video Artists are responsible for providing and delivering their own equipment including video monitor. Work should be packed in reusable containers.

No entries will be shipped back.

LIABILITY: Great care will be taken with work, but artists are responsible for insuring their own pieces as well as video equipment. Apocalypse food will not be responsible for loss or damage to any work or video equipment.

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